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Hello friends how are you all are welcome once again, friends on our page Pankaj Fitness, in today's post, I will tell you how to make six pack abs, friends, in this post I have only told you about six pack diet. If you want to see the exercise of six pack, then all of you can see my other post, so let's start…

Friends, in  today's runaway life, everyone wants to get ahead, everyone wants to be something, but because of this, most of us do not take care of our health, do not take care of food and drink, who eat at will and in return we like Some kind of disease happens or we become  fat, belly fat  increases. Staying fit and making body, whether to make biceps or six pack, it is not a one day job nor a month, for this you have to keep doing exercise slowly and on time. You will come to know for yourself that what is the difference in you, you will see a gradual change in the body, many people think that by going to the gym for a couple of months or exercising to build the body at home, six pack abs will come. Whether to make a body or to make six pack abs, for this you have to keep exercising continuously and it will be very beneficial for you body and some people do a lot of exercise but they do not get good results because that body or  Six Pack  ( Six Pack) Is the exercise to make but eat do not mind drinking so a good diet plan (Diet Plan) as well as will help you make the six pack abs quickly then let's know  Cai made the six-pack? 

Diet Plan and Food for Six Pack Abs | 6 Pack Abs Diet Plan & Food in hindi

Just exercising continuously is not enough , along with a better exercise for six pack abs , you also need a better and postic food i.e. food, if you want six pack as soon as possible then you should do it at home. It is very important to take care of food and drink otherwise there is no use of exercising, so let's go…

Best Food for 6 Pack Abs |Food for Six Pack Abs

  • Broccoli (Broccoli):  Sayd you will not find broccoli ( Broccoli ) is beneficial to thrive to keep fit health Brokolli take a kind of calorie food (low calorie food) contain fiber (fibre) to reduce weight, which is If it is very beneficial, then definitely consume it, if you want to  lose weight  and make a six pack.
  • Green Tea:  You must have heard or seen that a lot of people drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach. Green tea helps in improving your metabolism. Fat is reduced and does not allow fat to accumulate.
  • Walnuts:    Walnuts contain high amounts of fiber and antioxidants which are very beneficial for your body.
  • Milk:  Milk is beneficial for health, it is well known to you that there is a lot of protein in milk which helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, apart from this six pack abs. (Six Pack Abs) If made by exercising, then you will need stamina for love, which will provide you milk.
  • Chicken:  Whether you want to build biceps or six pack in body building, chicken is very beneficial for you.
  • Eggs:  You must have heard that any person who does gym, definitely consumes eggs, then you can eat boiled eggs, which make your body's bones strong as well as in your body. also provides cheese, so egg is very beneficial
  • Banana: Banana is  also very beneficial for a person doing gym every morning after gym, take 2 bananas with milk or similar...

What not to eat to make six pack fast |Avoid Food for Six Pack Abs

Six Pack intake of certain foods to make abs you must not be done so why some food is increasing the fat that is obesity in your body that you  are gaining weight  then you should Avoid weight or diet to increase abdominal fat only You will get faster and better result.

  • Oily Food:  Any food which has high amount of oil i.e. oil, should reduce the consumption of such food completely.
  • Fast Food: In  today's life, people leave the postic food and eat fast food outside like pizza, burger etc. If you want to look fit and fine then like this I should not consume these things
  • Butter Ghee:  Many people are very sad to eat butter and butter, it increases fat in your body, so you have to avoid such things always Six Pack Abs. ) For making...

So friends, these were some tips by following which you can also make six pack abs,  friends, if you like this post, then please share it with your friends and tell me in the comments, write above the work of the next post, friends, also if you have subscribed to our youtube channel If you haven't subscribed, then do it quickly because I keep posting videos of daily workouts there, see you on the second post till then...

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